Hot Twilight Merchandise: Twilight Perfume, Bags & More!!

So what is hot in Twilight Merchandise now? Here are some of our top picks:

While reading “Twilight” I wondered how Edward smelled to Bella and the way Bella smelled to him. Sweet and enticing! Well now you don't have to wonder anymore. They now have a “Twilight" perfume! The bottle is shaped like an apple—and it is supposed to be like Bella's scent. I am sure every teenage girl who is in love with Edward will be biting at the bit to get there own bottle of this to die for scent!
Get the Twilight Fragrance Here!

Plus great New Twilight Merchandise & Bags have been released at Twilight Apparel! To shop now visit! These are two new items we love: Customizable Mrs. Cullen & Mrs. Black T-shirts. Yes-you can actually customize the shirt with your own name to be Mrs. Cullen or Mrs. Black! Also really cute: Love Twilight Logo Messenger Bag in Black with Hot Pink Print!