Dakota Fanning to join Twilight Cast in New Moon!!

New Moon, the sequel to 2008’s blockbuster hit, Twilight, looks set to be a star-studded event, with big names like Vanessa Hudgens and Dakota Fanning reportedly signing on in supporting roles.
If you can remember a time before all of the hype - I know, it’s a difficult task - most of the actors who joined Stephenie Meyer’s maiden film adaptation were unknowns, not because the studio wanted to pick young stars from obscurity, but because the tiny budget wouldn’t allow for the inclusion of any “big” stars.
Now, however, with Twilight’s record-breaking haul at the box office, the budget for the forth-coming sequel has skyrocketed (hence the inclusion of the big guns).
According to the rumour mill, Hudgens has been approached to play the werewolf hybrid Leah (which is unusual that she should be included, given Leah’s absence in the second book), something which has angered fans of the series, who believe Hudgens’ limited repertoire will destroy the film.
Whether the Hudgens rumour is on the level or not - and I’d say not, at this point - it’s highly likely that child star Dakota Fanning will portray the petite Italian vampire, Jane.
If Fanning does decide to take on the role of Jane, I’ve no doubt she’ll do the character justice. As annoying as her squeaky little voice can be at times, the kid can certainly act.
Though, she does have some competition in the child-vampire stakes. Kirsten Dunst’s outstanding performance as a vampire child in the cult hit Interview With a Vampire way back in Tom Cruise’s less crazy days has certainly set the bar high for Ms. Fanning. If she can top Dunst’s portrayal, she’ll be doing well.

Source: http://www.theinsider.com/news/1586846_Dakota_Fanning_Joins_Twilight_Sequel

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  1. Good for the stars who join the movie, but personally i reaaallly don't want them to. I think it will ruin the movie's atmosphere, as twilight was originally an indie film.
    I don't really wanna hear dakota's voice, and i dont wanna see some perky high school musical chick in a more intense movie (nonetheless, i still like HSM, diff. story)
    They should cast more of the unknown actors, the current twilight crew already rocks!